Marathi Kids First School | बालवाडी

By | April 13, 2020

Marathi Kids First School app is a colorful and easy to use educational game that helps kids learn the Marathi Alphabet (Mulkshare/Varnmala) , sound out words, and associate letters with pictures. Play anytime and anywhere, it only takes a moment to turn on your phone and help your child learn All Marathi Alphabets…
*It also helps learners to practice writing on it by tracing the Marathi Alphabets And Numbers.
*It also helps learners to learn Marathi Months, Days, Fruits,Numbers with sound in Marathi
There is fun Activity for kids to identify the Marathi Alphabets, numbers,fruits,days of week,Months, Animalsin Marathi .
-Marathi Alphabets.
-Trace And Learn Marathi Mulkshare .
-Trace And Learn Marathi Numbers.
-Marathi Months.
– Months in Marathi
-Week days in Marathi
– Fruits In Marathi
-Animals in Marathi
-Marathi Numbers.

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